SCROLL 02: Quests


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For the 25th anniversary of Dragon Quest, we've gone all-out with a celebratory double cover story. First, the origins of the JRPG before Dragon Quest came along, including the Dungeons & Dragons fans that were inspired to make their own PC RPGs, and the Japanese creators that were inspired by them. Then, a full recap of all nine Dragon Quest games, featuring essays on the sequels and their places the series' history, alongside illustrations from talented independent artists.

Also in this issue

  • Frame One (current events)
  • Japan Desu
  • The Island of Misfit Hardware
  • Fullscreen: Pilotwings

52 pgs.
Contributor: Alex Fraioli
Illustrations: Jon Cairns, Chris Furniss, Adam Garcia, Erin Mehlos, Bill Mudron, Rey Ortega, Joakim Sandberg, Chris Schons, Jacob Smiley