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It's not academic, but it's not stupid. It's not what you already know, but it's not a know-it-all. It's SCROLL, a magazine that explores rarely revisited parts of game history.

SCROLL is for video game fans who enjoy tracing the past, but it assumes you know the basics -- the '80s market crash, the two Super Mario 2s, what an Easter egg is -- so it digs deeper. Maybe you've played Dark Souls, but did you know about the weird games its developer made for the Xbox in Japan? How many of the classic Ninja Turtles games are as good as you remember? What do you know about the companies Artdink or Warp? 

Through straightforward writing and careful curation, you'll find the answers to those questions. Let SCROLL uncork the best.



SCROLL is available three different ways:

Print issues are perfect-bound magazines purchased through on-demand printing site MagCloud, and will easily (just not cheaply) ship worldwide.

PDF editions are digital carbon copies of the print edition, sold direct from this site. Best for reading on large tablets or PCs.

Ebook versions are great for book devices or apps, but comparatively "lo-fi" -- layouts are extensively cut down in service of the mostly-text format. Nevertheless, SCROLL ebooks are great if you want something small and affordable, or just don't like PDFs. 

Regular Sections

  • Blitter - The one chance in SCROLL to talk about contemporary games.
  • The Island of Misfit Hardware - The obscurest, weirdest, often most expensive video game consoles and other hardware.
  • Fullscreen: Games in the Big Picture - Games that existed in or represent particularly odd moments of history.
  • Closing - Letters from the editor.

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Ray Barnholt loves video games and nearly nothing else, but does find time to get out of the house. On the other hand, most of every issue of SCROLL is written by him, so you can get an idea of how crazy he is. He has written about video games in various ways since the early 2000s, having worked for 1UP, GamePro, and several other outlets before starting the four-year SCROLL project in 2011. His favorite video game is the subject of SCROLL 10. Contact him at


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