Video game history uncorked

Sometimes, it seems like people don't want to read about old stuff. We're obsessed with the new, because we think we're done with the old. And when we do read about old stuff, it's short and to-the-point; it's funny or mocking, and for killing time. Of course, some people actually want to read about old stuff, but that often means celebrating what they remember best, which is, more often than not, what everybody else remembers. Fair enough; big hits sell millions for a reason. But what about everything else out there? What about video games that were just as good and interesting as what everybody already knows, but have been shoved into proverbial containers and relegated to the cellar -- no one knowing when or if they'll ever be considered again? 

SCROLL tries to change that. It's a magazine about going in the metaphorical cellar and uncorking a bunch of games that no one has thought about in a while. It's about the learning and enrichment that comes with it, and then sharing it. Whether you consider yourself a gaming neophyte or a connoisseur, SCROLL is a fun and refreshing look at well worn facets of game history. Because maybe you just don't want to read about old stuff in the old way.

The magazine

CROLL is published four times a year, with issues hovering around 50-70 pages, depending on the content. The print edition of the magazine is available via on-demand magazine store MagCloud. Print issues are perfect-bound, not stapled, and printed on 80# matte paper stock in full color. Purchasing is also done through MagCloud, and the site will easily (just not cheaply) ship anywhere in the world. 

Digital PDF editions of SCROLL are also available direct from this web site. Just visit the Issues page to select and add one to your cart, then pay via PayPal. DFs are great for reading on tablets or other supported devices, and SCROLL issues are produced to best balance image quality and file size. Regardless, you're getting the same great content as the print edition.

About the editor

Hi, I'm Ray Barnholt. I've loved video games for a long time, and I love writing about them. But then, if you read the mission statement above, you probably already got that. I've been writing professionally for over a decade, and you may best know me from my time at the late great, where I also contributed to podcasts like Retronauts and my music show The Sound Test. SCROLL is basically my main creative outlet, but it's also a way to keep myself in check; a reminder that there's plenty of games out there that I've seen but not actually experienced, each one with a story. That said, it also adheres to my core gaming interests -- y'know, old stuff. Particularly if it's Japanese, because there's still years worth of it I'd like to get caught up on. Someday. I continue to write about games professionally when and where I can; if you like what you see, please get in touch.